Professional Development

Application for SACPPA Professional Development Funding

Let’s talk – Coaching and Consulting


  • ‘COACHING – A leadership strategy for these times’
  • Leading School Based Implementation of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework.
  • Leadership Skill Development Workshops

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Educational Conversation Presentation from Nov 16 SACPPA meeting

Engaged Learning
David Price OBE and Clare Price, international experts in… Engaged Learning
Venues: Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
Dates: 20 May 2013 – 12 June 2013
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Professor Erica McWilliam – Macbeth

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Professor Erica McWilliam is an internationally recognised scholar in the field of pedagogical innovation.  Her career has involved more than four decades as an educator. Erica McWilliam explores thinking about the nature of educational leadership, arguing for a more interventionist and proactive role for educational leaders as “leading learners” in their organisations.  Erica McWilliam will host a roundtable and present a keynote presentation.